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International Collaboration

US-China Clean Energy Research Center – Advanced Coal Technology Consortium (CERC - ACTC) is advancing the technologies needed to safely, effectively, and efficiently utilize coal resources while addressing new challenges associated with clean coal power generation.

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We are advancing technologies

Meeting new challenges with clean coal power generation

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Our duty as energy consumers and producers

The U.S. and People’s Republic of China are playing central roles in the world’s transition to a clean energy economy now and in the years ahead by reducing emissions, shifting to cleaner energy sources, and implementing advanced coal technologies.

We focus on emerging commercial, field, and development projects in the US and China to achieve rapid progress in advanced coal technology development, demonstration, and enhancement.

Promoting affordable, safe, clean technologies for coal and other energy resources.

Joint Research

Phase II 2016-2020 Five Key Areas

Oxy-combustion HUST

Advanced Power Generation

Building onto research and making new demonstrations of power generation technology.

CERC leaders touring a demo facility

Collaboration on Large Demos

Facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing on existing and planned CCUS demonstrations in both US and China.

Duke microalgae site

CO 2 Utilization and Storage

Establishing technologies, markets existing for the production of clean water from saline sources, and general economics.

Shenhua CTL plant

Advanced Coal Conversion

The design theory and methods for demonstration of these new technologies will be applied to industry scale demonstration. 

Powerstation monitoring station_WVU

Systems Analysis and Modeling

Modeling the impact of power plant cycling and developing model-based optimal mitigation strategies.

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Portrait of James F. Wood

U.S. Research Team

James F. Wood,

US-China Clean Energy Research Center–Advanced Coal Technology Consortium
West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Portrait of Dr. Zheng Chuguang

China Research Team

Dr. Zheng Chuguang, Director

US-China Clean Energy Research Center–Advanced Coal Technology Consortium
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China