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Advanced Coal Conversion


  1. Validated co-generation technology at pilot plant:

    CERC researchers from the United States (LP Amina and West Virginia University) and China (Zhejiang University) jointly validated the modeling results of a 1 MW pilot plant for coal co-generation technology.

    1. The design combines pyrolysis, gasification, and combustion. The co-generation technology is expected to reduce maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25% compared to conventional technology.
    2. Based on the validated model, researchers are now developing a co-generation system and advanced coal gasification process technology and will demonstrate the technologies at industrial scale for deployment in the United States and China. (CERC-ACTC Phase I)
  2. Novel coal-to-chemicals polygeneration simulated and ready for testing:

    Researchers from China (ENN Group) and the United States (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and LP Amina) completed experiments and simulations of a coal-to-chemicals polygeneration scheme for LP Amina’s calcium-carbide reactor.

    1. The simulation findings will be used to design and build a very high-temperature polygeneration reactor at laboratory scale. The results set the stage for improved operation and commercialization, with potential for scale-up in China’s coal-to-chemicals markets.
    2. New polygeneration technologies are expected to dramatically reduce waste heat, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions, while improving thermal efficiency of power generation and chemical by-products production. (CERC-ACTC Phase I)
  3. Direct synthetic natural gas (SNG) production from coal:

    ENN Group (China) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S.) built and tested a bench-scale, high-pressure, constant-volume reactor.

    1. Coal gas with high-concentration methane was obtained, validating the possibility of direct SNG production from coal.
    2. The team has constructed a circulating high-pressure, constant-volume reaction system for coal-to-SNG. If successful, this work will result in the development of a new approach for direct SNG production from coal with high-efficiency, low-pollution, and low-cost. (CERC-ACTC Phase I)