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Knowledge Sharing on Large Projects and Demonstrations

The efforts aim to assist both the U.S. and China in implementing large-scale technology demonstration projects by sharing knowledge and lessons learned among project sponsors, developers, research institutions, and other participants. Advanced coal technologies are at a critical moment in technology development, and knowledge and information sharing can play a crucial role in de-risking these projects.

In this project, the team intends to help identify what drives these large scale projects to succeed or fail, and understand what those causes can teach both researchers and the private sector for future projects. Current project partners include Duke Energy, Southern Company, Air Products, General Electric, and Jupiter Oxygen in the United States; and Huaneng, Dongfang Boiler, Shenhua Coal Company, and Yanchang Petroleum in China. (CERC-ACTC Phase II)

Dongfang Boiler Co. Ltd    Yanchang Petroleum