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Memorandum of Agreement

On July 1,  2016, the leadership of US  and China CERC-ACTC entered into a Memorandum of Agreement in Beijing, China. The two consortia agreed to joint collaboration in five themes to an extension period of 2016-2020. 


Technology Management Plan

Agreement on the Technology Management Plan (TMP) for the US-China Clean Energy Research Center Advanced Coal Technology Consortium, 2011

TMP English TMP Chinese TMP Bilingual

Intellectual Property

The Researcher's Guide to Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer provides a broad overview of the technology transfer process generally, with additional pointers and reminders specific to fulfilling CERC objectives, including that of commercial development of inventions that result from CERC research projects. 

IP English IP Chinese

Research Outcomes

This document highlights the research outcomes for CERC-ACTC from both Phase I and Phase II , as of December 31, 2016.


Procedures for Adding New Members to CERC

Adding New Members